Watex Design Vertical Garden

Let the Garden Be Your Kids’ Playground

Happy 4th of July to all of you reading our first blog. We chose this fabulous day to connect with you as we want to be a part of your day on this fun mid-week holiday. We want this day to be a reminder of the reason we are able to celebrate all our favorite holidays and life - Our beautiful planet earth and how we are responsible for keeping it green and livable.

Since it’s inception, Watex has believed in the idea of green living and enforced it in everything we do. As we keep saying, gardening is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life and we believe in carrying forward this way of life through our coming generations. If we look around us, all our future generations are glued to their screens most of time. Why not teach them about gardening? Studies have shown, gardening not only nourishes your child’s body but it also enhances their brain. Children who participate in gardening projects score well in science as well as it builds curiosity about nature and how things work.  A fabulous way of bonding with your child and teaching them about where their food is coming from. Chances are, they will probably eat those veggies that they grew more than the ones bought from the store. Getting their hands dirty in mud boosts their immunity and lets them be kids while learning an important life skill and enhancing their communication skills.


Watex Mobile Green Wall is a perfect start if you are looking to buy something for you and your kid to begin this green journey together. An easy and fun DIY planter assembly makes your child involve in the activity right from the beginning. The mobility of the planter gives you ease of moving it anywhere and placing it in your patio as well.

Be the fun parent and let your kids get dirty in mud and help them learn more about nature and the concept of green living.

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