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        Mobile Green Wall, Double Frame

            Find a perfect garden on wheels for your patio or an herb garden in your yard. This mobile green wall can be moved anywhere and made into a vegetable, herb or a flower garden as per your convenience. Ideal for small spaces like apartments with small patios. A...

        BlackSpring bouquetCool greyTerra cotta
        $91.99 – $99.99
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        Pixel Kitchen Countertop Garden

        Enjoy your Mini Garden in the proximity of your kitchen, Home or office. The beauty of Watex Pixel Garden Desktop is that you can create your own green space anywhere and move it with minimum effort. It can be your herb garden or your succulent wall or a bed for...


        Expandable Green Wall with Built-in Micro Dripper - Single

        Like growing a Vertical Patch This expandable green wall is almost like growing a patch on ground. You can expand it or not, as you grow your greens. Give your wall a face lift with this beautiful modular design. Create a green wall indoors or out in the patio and...

        Mobile Green Wall, Single Frame

          This green wall is your friend for life. Be it a limited space issue, a weather scare for your delicate herbs or just sprucing up the corner of your home. The mobility of this product helps move your plant wall to anywhere in your home or outside even. Create...

        BlackSpring bouquet

        Picture Garden Starter Kit

          This garden starter kit is great for growing your herbs, berries, flowers or succulents. Create a wall décor in your living room or fill up the patio with seasonal blooms. Watex patented unique picture garden planter truly helps you add a touch of nature to your urban living; making...

        Greenhouse for Mobile Green Wall

        This is an ideal add-on item for your Mobile Green Wall. This greenhouse is designed specialize for your mobile green wall to keep your delicate green safe during harsh weather. The greenhouse is easy-to-install & does not require tools. Every plant needs love and care. So, be it huge yard...

        Modular Raised Garden Bed (Four Sizes)

            Watex urban farming modular garden bed kit is the perfect DIY raised garden bed kit for homeowners to plant their favorite plants or vegetables at home. The bed size is 24 x 24 x 6". The wall panel is 6" high and very durable, you can stack another...

        $41.99 – $105.00
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        Urban Design Vertical Garden Kit

          Whether you are new at gardening or don’t have enough space to plant your seasonal favorites, Watex has a solution for your gardening needs. With its Urban Farming Vegetable and Fruit starter kit, you can create your own green patch as a beginner or a seasoned pro. This easy...

        $99.99 $79.99
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        Watex Travelling Sprinkler and Sprinkler Hose Bundle

        This bundle is a combination of Traveling Sprinkler and Sprinkler Hose which is perfect for people who have gardens where a traveling sprinkler may not be able to access or is not able to travel because of bumpy uneven land such as areas with delicate garden beds or landscaped area...

        Expandable Green Wall with Built-In Micro Dripper - 4 Pack

                Watex Expandable Green Wall is a modern and low maintenance vertical garden kit designed for our URBAN GARDENERS living in apartments without much of ground space to grow their favorite plants.           This Green Wall is ideal for small space gardening, and...

        $199.98 $149.98
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        Elevated Mobile Planter

        No more back bending or knee hurting with this elevated mobile garden. Mobile : Create an indoor garden in winters and wheel it out in summers ;keep in shade or sun as per your plants prefer; The wheels make gardening a joy ride. Elevated bed keeps your veggies away from...

        BlackTerra cotta