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The Perennial Herb Collection is a handpicked assortment of the most fragrant, delicious, and frost hardy perennial herbs, boasting some of the most reliable and longest living Mediterranean herbs in the garden bed. Featuring lavender, rosemary, marjoram, thyme, oregano, and sage, the Perennial Herb Collection joins together some of the easiest and low-maintenance herbs whether grown indoors, outdoors, in a pot, or out in the garden bed. The Perennial Herb Collection is ideal for pots and container gardening because, as natives to the semi-arid Mediterranean hillsides, all 6 herbs require the same dry, rocky, and shallow soils from which they are adapted. While each of these herbs require the same conditions as one another, they are also pruned, harvested, and propagated from cuttings the same way too.

Herb Seed Assortment - Perennial Herb

The Mountain Valley Seed assortment of perennial Mediterranean herbs are frost tolerant to about 10°F, enduring winter dormancy in hardiness zones 5-9 approximately, only to continue vegetative growth once spring arrives and temperatures warm to above freezing. The Perennial Herb Collection is an ideal seed assortment for year round indoor gardening for easy countertop or windowsill harvesting. Each of these seeds comes in the culinary or common variety to help ensure maximum flavor and fragrance. Unlike short-lived French annual and biennial herbs, most Mediterranean perennials are known to live 5-7 years, while established lavender and rosemary plants may thrive up to 20 years with proper pruning, sun, and climate. Fragrant perennial herbs such as lavender, rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano, and marjoram are traditionally grown together as companion crops, believed to help keep the garden clear of many harmful pests and insects. Harvest and prune often to keep these perennial herbs healthy, tender, and flavorful all year long.

Perennial Herbs Inside this Collection

Common Lavender: (Lavandula angustifolia) - Lavender is native to the dry, temperate, and rocky slopes of the Mediterranean and still prefers the same growing conditions from which it evolved. Similar to its Mediterranean relatives rosemary, sage, and thyme, lavender also matures into a woody overwintering perennial known to live for a minimum of 5 years, even up to 20, depending on variety and pruning schedule. Minimal watering, full sun, and well-draining soil is just about all that"s needed to guarantee years worth of garden fresh lavender.

Common Rosemary: (Salvia rosmarinus) - Like several other woody perennials such as lavender and thyme, rosemary is a Mediterranean native celebrated for its tenacious and frost hardy tolerances. Rosemary thrives in many climates across the country as a low-growing and hard-to-kill shrub known to live for up to 10-20 years, regularly performing as an outdoor perennial in hardiness zones 5-10, going dormant during freezing winters in more northern climates.

Common Sage: (Salvia officinalis) - Similar to rosemary, oregano, and thyme, culinary sage is an herbaceous, semi-woody perennial grown for flavor and its ability to overwinter outdoors. Once established in its second year, sage is one of the most vigorous and deeply rooted herbs available. Although sage is frost tolerant and will naturally go dormant during a freezing winter, it is native to the dry and temperate Mediterranean climate and still prefers a warmer 60-70°F during the growing season.

Common Thyme: (Thymus vulgaris) - Whether growing a culinary variety or a hardy ornamental crop, thyme is one of the easiest plants to maintain once established and grows so effortlessly that many species of Thymus are listed as invasive. Thyme is native to the mountainous crags and slopes of the Mediterranean and thrives in many grow spaces too sandy or dry for most ornamentals. Thyme is surely one of the most diverse and pervasive herbs cultivated with the genus Thymus hosting over 350 known varieties of thyme ranging from Mint, Elfin, Golden, Creeping, and the culinary staple, Common.

Common Oregano: (Origanum vulgare) - Oregano delivers one of the more zesty, peppery, and aromatic herbs in the beloved mint family while thriving in drought and poor soils with a lifespan up to 6 years. And like many species from the Lamiaceae family such as mint and balm, oregano produces a rhizome root system which is responsible for making the genus Origanum fairly invasive and hard to kill. Once established, oregano will readily reseed itself and stay in your garden for as long as you"ll have it around.

Sweet Marjoram: (Origanum majorana) - Marjoram is just as often referred to as sweet marjoram to better distinguish its more subtle, citrusy, and floral notes from the more robust "“wild marjoram" (oregano). Marjoram is an ideal herb for perennial indoor gardening and requires the same minimal watering and full sun schedule as other Mediterrranean perennials. Although marjoram is naturalized to some warmer regions of the Meditteranean, it is actually a native perennial to the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula, still thriving on the same arid conditions in many home gardens across the country.

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