Our Vision

and Mission


We a small team of designers and plant lovers committed to bringing green innovation, creativity, and inspiration to urban living. Some companies have tried to tackle the urban and vertical gardening challenge with high design and limited applications. We are passionate about creating versatile, modular garden tools that you can use to design and start your vertical garden any way you want. Walls, counters, floors, wherever you have space, we’ve created something for you.

What does Green Living mean to us?

We believe that everyone should have plants in their home and in their life. They are life giving and therapeutic. Nothing takes your mind off of the daily grind and reminds us of the simple and important relationship we have with our planet quite like bringing some green into our personal spaces.

Why Our Products?

We set out to design our products with every type of urban customer in mind. Our planters and kits provide modular and versatile solutions to fit our modern lifestyle while bringing us back to our roots. You no longer need to be bound by climate, geography, or even available space. With our kits, you can go as small or as big as you like. Grow it when you want and where you want!

Why is Our Planter Different?

We’re glad you asked! We knew that if we were going to change one of the oldest and most proven designs in gardening, we’d need a good reason. We also know that there is always room for improvement so rather than do it the way it’s always been done, we asked the hard question… How can we make it better? More specifically, how would you, the customer, define “better”? Here is what we came up with:

 Space Planning

Be able to hang it, mount it, stand it, and move it anywhere

Easy Replanting

Modular and interchangeable with any of our other planters so they can grow as your plant grows

Showcase Plants

Lowered front panel to feature and focus on the plants.

Universal Bracket System

All of our planters work with all of our brackets. You can design it any way you choose.

Who Are We Designing For?

If you live in urban centers or are looking to bring green indoors, we designed our product for you! We’ve also thought of a few specialized uses to inspire and excite!


Chefs who want to grow their own specialized herbs or veggies. They can serve the freshest, truly farm-to-table food to their customers because they grew it themselves!


Seniors with limited space and/or extra time looking for the peace, comfort, creativity, growth, and routine plants provide

Landscaper & interior designers

Interior designers looking for new ways to bring green into their designs

Allergy Sufferers

Allergy sufferers looking for natural, effective, and inexpensive air filtration 
These are just a few. If you think of any more please let us know! We want to tell everyone about the benefits of green living!

We are actively involved in the urban and vertical gardening movement. We are passionate advocates of sharing all the benefits that plants can bring to everyone, everywhere. If you share our passion and want to get involved or have an idea about how we can partner with you, please reach out!


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