Benefits of Air plants Indoors

Tillandsias, also known as Air plants are not just easy to maintain but also come with lots of health benefits. If you have been planning to add some green to your indoors but worry about the mess and maintenance, then air plants are for you. The best part about these miracle plants is that they don't need any watering from us. The little hairs on them called Trichomes absorb moisture from the air. 

Benefits of having air plants at home.

  • No Soil: No need for any soil. The easy mess free benefits these little beauties come with are perfect for people with little kids and furry friends who are like soil magnets. No overflowing soil water from plants or bugs that come with it.
  • Clean air: Air plants don’t just absorb moisture from the air but also take in harmful chemicals like Formaldehyde and Benzene in the air and purify it. Not to forget, they also emit oxygen at night, giving you clean fresh oxygen while you are sleeping.
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  • Non toxic and pet friendly: Our furry friends can get nibbly at times and sometimes it can be harmful for them. If your pet babies are like that,then you can rest easy. Air plants are non toxic to your furry littles. 
  • Perfect container plants and gifts: Air plants can be great container plants but not in the way you might think. This container plant is perfect for places like offices or even homes where soil can be a hassle. With air plants you can have small containers as planters for your office desk or even corner tables at home. 
  • Bug resistant and hardy: Air plants are your best friend when it comes to bugs and pests. They are disease and bug resistant and do not die easily.
Air plants are your best friend if you are not able to keep plants alive or need something mess free and don’t have time to maintain. With a little care, these hardy miraculous plants survive and give your home and surroundings a beautiful green look and keep your home fresh.

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