Get Your Indoor Garden ready for Winters

Picking your own vegetables fresh from your garden is a joy known to all gardeners. But what happens when the weather starts to work against your hard work. Winters are almost here and if you haven't prepared to keep getting your fresh supplies, it’s time to work on it now. Don’t let the cold season freeze your gardening plans.

Watex has perfect solutions for your small space, indoor gardening. Whether you are an urban gardener with limited space or enjoy a huge yard in your suburban home, Watex planters give you the option for all the gardening probabilities. Let the winter gardening begin!

Garden Bed
  • Indoor Garden Bed:  We are in love with this versatile all rounder. Perfect for small spaces like apartment patios or even indoors, if you don’t have a patio. This garden bed will help you grow your salad greens, flowers, herbs or anything else you fancy within the space you have. No leak, no mess. The self watering feature in this garden bed helps keep the plants watered for a longer duration. This feature can also help you when the indoors get dry due to the heat coming from the air vents. 
Elevated Mobile Planter
  • Elevated Garden Bed: Who doesn’t enjoy having a little ease when it comes to gardening. ( Yes, the back breaking bending for hours) This garden bed on wheels is your ultimate friend for every gardener. From having an easy mobile option to wheel the planter anywhere to having a self watering reservoir in the bottom of the planter, the benefits don’t end there. You can roll this beauty indoors when it gets too harsh for your plant babies to stay out and then move them out or anywhere you like to get some sun. The moisture gauge it comes with helps the gardener understand the moisture level of the plants and water accordingly. Now, winters won’t have anything on you, make a list of all your winters veggies you want to grow.
Countertop Garden
  • Countertop Garden: If you love your herbs, you will love this mini 8 pot portable garden. Keep fresh herbs at an arms’ distance in your kitchen. Just snip a few and add to your favorite stews and salads. Perfect for a beginner as well to start small with this mini garden, so it doesn't feel overwhelming. 
DIY Planters
  • Self watering individual planters: While indoors, you can also add some green to your walls with these wall planters. You can make an herb wall or just add some floral or green decor to your living space with these wall mounting planters. A good idea to add some freshness when winters make it gloomy and dull sometimes.

Let’s get started with our winter garden ( better late than never) with these beauties and make this winter green. 

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