Plan a Kid- friendly Summer Garden!

Summer is almost here. Which means it is time to get your gardens prepped with all the veggies, herbs, flowers. Why not let your little ones join in this fun activity as well? Introducing your kids to the gardening in their early years is beneficial for multiple reasons. One, they like to play in soil outdoors, two, they learn where their food comes from and prefer to eat what they grow and many more reasons we will talk further. Also, not to forget you get a garden companion!

 Let’s find out things we can do to make it a kid friendly summer garden this year and what are the benefits.

 1.) Grow plants they can reach: Meaning low growing plants. If it’s not possible to do so for the whole garden, try to create a patch for your kid which he can access easily, like something that he will be able to easily pluck or pick during harvest. After all the hard work, they will look forward to harvest their work of labor.

 2.) Ask them what to grow: Studies have shown that kids are likely to eat the vegetables they grow. So, ask them their choices when planting the garden for summer. Involving them in decision making helps them feel responsible and they might warm up to the idea of eating a veggie they were resistant to before.

Elevated Garden Bed

 3.) Make it a fun time in the garden: After all, they are but kids. So, don’t make it a boring activity. Let them feel in charge of a section by them giving a job, like filling the patch with soil or tilling the land a bit, adding mulch. This helps build immunity and makes them resistant to allergies and diseases. Also, not to forget gardening also works as an exercise with all the bending, lifting etc. which is good for muscle development of your kid.

 4.) Create a family tradition: Something your kid will look forward to each year during planting season. Create chores for each member of the family for each season. In the garden and come spring, each member gets to choose a number of plants to grow that summer. This creates a family bonding activity while also gives you a teaching moment to tell them about the seasonal plants and how nature works and helps in growing your garden.

 If you are an urban dweller but want to be able to introduce you child to the benefits of gardening and get them close to nature. You can still do it from the Mobile, Vertical collection from Watex which is essentially made for gardeners with small space. Space or location should not be the deterrent for you to grow your own food.

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