Amazing houseplants to alleviate your allergies

Suffering from asthma or allergies can be quite annoying and can affect your daily life during the worst seasons. Pollen and air pollution can aggravate your symptoms such as itchiness and runny nose. Some experience different symptoms like skin redness, teary eyes, and even flu like symptoms when it gets bad. If you are looking to start an indoor garden or have some house plants, this might be an additional factor to help you make the decision. 

We want to list a few amazing house plants for purifying air that is wreaking havoc to your sinus. Not only will they help clean the air, but it will add a nice relaxing atmosphere to your home. House plants is also great for stress relief and boosting your mood as well!

Hypoallergenic houseplants to your abode have a number of benefits if you deal with allergies, according to 1989 NASA study found that a number of plants can actually help reduce indoor air pollution. Houseplants for allergy sufferers also contain lower amounts of pollen and less likely to trigger allergic reactions. 

Here are four amazing houseplants to up your indoor greenery, without aggravating your allergies.


The dracaena marinata colorama is a tricolored dragon tree houseplant that's pretty low-maintenance, and easy to grow indoors. It thrives in low light, and you'll want to let it get a bit dry before watering. According to West Coast Nurseries group, it can help purify the air of chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene, as well as help control humidity. With narrow, cream and yellow striped green leaves, these plants can grow up to 15 feet. The leaves turn a lighter color if they don't get enough light, but develop brown spots if exposed to too much sun.

Peach Lily

This is a perfect houseplant for newbies and those who are looking for a low maintenance plant. The Peach lily doesn’t need much water or sunlight, so it is a great addition as an indoor houseplant. According to the NASA study, this plant is great for getting rid of benzene and formaldehyde. 

Bamboo palm

This houseplant is popular for its tropical aesthetics and amazingly effective at maximizing air quality. According to the NASA, this plant can effectively clear out chloroform, carbon monoxide, xylene, and formaldehyde, and has strong insect-repellent properties.

Chinese Evergreen

This is another low-maintenance houseplant that functions as an amazing natural air purifier. It grows best in low light, and needs pretty minimal watering about every few weeks or so. It is best to place it in a warm, somewhat humid spot in your home for best results

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