Cold Weather Crops for your Winter Garden

It’s fall and evening are getting a little chilly. Which means things are starting to slow down in the garden as well. But don’t worry, you can still grow a lot of vegetables in November as well. This is a common misconception amongst a lot of people that winter means a break in the gardening time. Not really. You can still grow a lot of cold weather crops in your garden and also prep for the spring blooms and veggies as well.

For the places where winters are harsh and vegetable won’t survive in the ground, container gardening is perfect for such areas. You can still continue to grow your winters greens in winter and keep them safe from all the snow and storms.

Cold weather crops to grow for winters:

1.) The key to growing a thriving winter garden is to find the right vegetables and growing them in the favorable locations like in a green house, cold frames.

2.) Also figuring out what plants are favorable to grow in your region is helpful.

3.) Creating fabric tunnels over the crops will help extend their life and your winter garden as well.

Garden bed

Plants you can grow in winter:

1.) Spinach: A cold loving delicate green, Spinach enjoys the short fall days and even though some of the winter. Just check the first frost dates in your area and cover the crop with some fabric or start them in the green house directly to be safe.

2.) Kale: No winter garden is complete with this beautiful hearty green. This winter loving green tastes even better with the weather getting colder each day. You can even grow these greens in two ways, one as a full-grown mature crop for sautés, soups etc and other as a baby kale for salads. Find out the multiple vareities that come in the market and get the seeds or baby plant as per your choice.

3.) Lettuce: Another one of the best vegetables to grow in winters. Get the winter varieties and grow them for a tasty crunchy treat in your salad.

Elevated Garden Bed

4.) Carrots: Oh, the taste of these in winters. Carrots are like the candy in the vegetable world just because of the amount of varieties they come in and the taste is just so sweet! The ideal time to sow them would be mid- summer but in some regions, they can still be planted for a nice winter treat.

5.) Garlic: Although this crop is not for the winter consumption but it is a perfect time to sow them for a nice crop in summer. Grow it in a container and keep it in near a sunny spot in your garden or home and you will have a nice fat juicy garlic in the summer.

Apart from these there is Mustard, Collards, Pok Choi, Mizuna, Turnip, Peas, Arugula and so many other greens you can grow now and enjoy in the winter season.

Another idea for a quick crop is to grow micro greens of all these greens mentioned. A quick crop full of flavor and nutrition awaits for your winter plates.




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