Creative ways to make use of your plants

Today we are going to go over some ways to make use of your plants whether they are herbs or some aloe plants that you have and want to somehow make use of it. If you are growing herbs, then I am sure most of you are putting it to use by using it to cook. However, we want to share a list of some herbs that can help repel mosquitoes during the hot summer nights. Burning herbs is a safe and natural way to keep mosquitoes away and they do not like the strong smelling herbs. 

Herbs for bug repellent 

Of course, there are bug sprays you can purchase at your local convenience store, but keep in mind with this method it is a natural method without the use of chemicals. This will come in handy only in situations where you are staying put in one place, for example a campfire or if you want to just hangout in your backyard during the summer nights. Not to mention, the smell of these burning herbs are quite nice and relaxing as well. The way to do this is simply by drying the herbs out, bundling them together and simply burning them. 

So here are some of the strong smelling herbs that keep the mosquitoes away. 



-Lemon balm



Various uses for Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera is a super plant that is known for its wide uses from pain relief to skincare. Aloe Vera is a unique looking plant with strong green leaves. It is a great indoor plant that is fairly easy to grow and take care of. It is in the succulent category and thrives in a bright, yet indirect light. Keeping them in direct light can cause the leaves to dry out, so try to place it in an area that receives a short span of sunlight if possible. Watering is only needed when the soil dries out, so that is around every week or so. 

Aloe Vera has a wide range of uses including: sunburn, relieves itch from bug bites, helps heal wounds, moisturize wounds, and many more. This is because Aloe Vera is a powerful anti-inflammatory and it is potent when directly used from the plan itself. There are so many more plants that we can go over, but it is overwhelming with so many different uses for each plant out there. It is great to keep expanding your garden and do some research for each new plant to find out the amazing benefits and how you can make use of it! Have fun gardening!

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