Disinfect your Home the Herbal Way

Your garden has more potential than you might think. It’s not just amazing organic food or gorgeous colorful flowers that your garden has to offer. There are some natural disinfectants that nature grows and you do not need all those artificial sprays from the supermarket. With the ongoing situation, we have become overly cautious of keeping everything clean and disinfected. While these might not be killing the viruses and microbes but they will certainly clean your home and reduce the chemical intake. For a thorough disinfecting you will need something stronger than these solutions. 

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Natural cleaners

  • Eucalyptus: The myriad of beneficial properties in this wonder plant from medicinal to antibacterial to anti inflammatory, is what makes this plant a favorite amongst many and is a good idea to keep the Essential oil at home. You can create a disinfecting spray with Eucalyptus oil and Tea tree oil for your bathroom or for general cleaning areas, not only disinfecting but also leaving the place clean, fresh and smelling good.
  • Clove: We all hate mold and sometimes it might surprise us despite our constant cleaning. Well the antifungal and antibacterial properties of clove help with stopping the regrowth of mold. Simply spray some clove oil and water solution to the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes. Afterwards, just clean the area with a microfiber cloth without rinsing the space. The dried off solution will keep the mold from growing back. 
  • Rosemary: Ah, the refreshing scent of this beautiful herb. Not to forget the antibacterial properties of this lovely plant. You can create an all purpose cleaning spray at home. Add some sprigs of Rosemary and Orange peels in a vinegar jar and let it for a month. You can use the solution mix with water to spray the house naturally leaving it clean and refreshed with a beautiful fragrance. 
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  • Lemon: One of the most common ingredients seen in many commercially made disinfectants whether in terms of fragrance or its disinfecting properties. A little bit of baking soda and lemon juice mixed into a paste can help you clean surfaces. The disinfecting and bleaching properties in this paste make it an effective natural cleaning agent. 
  • Mint: Another one of the famous disinfecting agents that you can see in the commercial cleaners. A few drops of peppermint oil mixed in with lemon and water make for a great disinfecting spray to keep bugs and flies away. 

These are just some of the everyday herbs and spices that can not only just be used in the kitchen but also keep your home clean, fresh and smelling good without the chemical side effects. 

We do need to remember that these natural cleaners can clean and disinfect your space to a certain level but not kill viruses. 

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