Show some Green Love to your Mom this Mother's Day!

Show some Green Love to your Mom this Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and like every year, you would want to show your love and gratitude with a gesture. With the busy lives that we all lead nowadays; most mothers would want to just spend quality time with their children. Like they say, the best gift to give someone is your time. So, while you plan on doing that by taking them out on a day filled with activities they like or for a lovely dinner to her favorite restaurant or a trip to spa. There are few of the many options that can be done to celebrate the special day.


Your mother’s heart might just melt just with these gestures but we think, you should probably end the day with a special gift that makes her remember the day with fondness every time she looks at it.

Whether your mum is a master gardener with years of experience or just loves to have pretty bunches of flowers around her, the list for the gift options below will light up any garden loving moms out there. Also, you can join her in this gardening activity and make it your thing and we are sure she will light up every time you are gardening with her.

  • Pixel Countertop Garden: One of the easiest, portable and small enough for your mum and you to not worry about space. Make it an herb, succulent or a seedling planter and create a mini garden of your own. If your mum is a novice gardener this is a perfect way to dip her feet into the garden.

  • Mobile Green Wall: The ideal garden for your patio space. Even if your mom’s patio/ garden is already full with multiple planters and greens, trust us, there will still be a little space to add one more planter or should we say 18 more. Yes, the Mobile Green Wall, Single or Double frame will give your mom 11 or 18 new options to grow in her garden. Without having to worry about space, she will rather have to start thinking about the list of plants to grow. A happy problem for any garden lover.

  • Expandable Green Wall: You can either gift this to her or an even better option may be to buy this green wall and create a private oasis for her at home. Create that personal space with this green wall by making a green space in patio or a corner in the yard where she can sit and relax. Fill the wall with her favorite plants and flowers and look at the joy filled eyes when you surprise her with your gift.

  • Elevated Mobile Planter: This planter may solve a lot of issues for a lot of garden moms. The elevated garden bed makes this planter perfect for growing veggies in a small space, so if you are living in an apartment with a small patio and can’t grow any veggies, well this urban garden bed will solve your space issues. Also, the mobile factor makes it perfect for moving it around easily, rather than hurting your back or knees by bending or lifting these heavy planters. Perfect for all seasons, as this garden bed can be moved indoors and be used to grow your favorite greens anywhere.

  • Self-watering individual planters: Now just like expandable green wall, you can either gift it to your mom or buy them and deck up a wall with these planters and plant some beautiful plants to impress your mom. You can buy one and gift it as a flower pot by potting orchids etc. or buy as many as you want and wall mount them to create a green décor for her.

While these are just a few of the options from the many gifts you can give your life giver. You can check out rest of our collection and choose what you think is best for her. Again, the best gift most mothers want is for her children to be able to spend time with her. Money will buy these gifts but one thing that you don’t need money for and is invaluable is your time and love.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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