Flowers to Grow in your Spring Garden

Think Spring and you see all the beautiful budding gardens and blooming flowers. The sure sign that sunny weather is here. Flowers add such a vibrant feel to the whole atmosphere. Let’s check out the flowers that you should grow that can add to the beauty of your garden.


1.) Tulips: One of the most elegant and vibrant colored flowers that are a popular choice for celebrations and parties as well. Tulip bulbs are normally planted in fall but you can always find them in the nursery and get the already grown plants to plant in your garden. The hard part has been taken care of and you get to enjoy the blooms. Tulips prefer well-drained soil and even though they do enjoy full sunlight, but it is ideal to place them in partial shade as they won’t do well in the hottest part of the day. Create your own Tulip garden with multiple shades of beautiful flowers.


2.) Lilac: The sweet fragrance of this beautiful flower with so many shades to choose from. White, purple, pink and sometimes a mix of these colors as well. If you did not plant them in fall, the next best time to plant them is in early spring, just after the ground thaws or you can just go to the garden center and get your favorite shade and fragrance. Lilacs love full sun and moist well-drained, alkaline soil. Remember to water the plant deeply when transplanting from the nursery pot to the ground or another planter at home.


3.) Daffodils: The beautiful bright yellow beauty gives you a sure sign that spring is here. this lovely flower also comes in cream color with a yellow center. Also, a symbol of new beginnings, this is one of the first flowers to bloom in March and also signifies good luck and prosperity. They prefer rich well-drained soil and a good fertilizer to boost growth. Plant them in a sunny spot with at least 6 hours of sun, or you might not get as many blooms. 


4.) Hyacinths: Another beautiful fragrant flower that will fill your home with a sweet smell and lovely colors. They come in a range of colors from bright pink, purple, blue, rose, white, cream. So, you can choose your favorite or make it a mixed bag with a splash of color with fragrance. You can also mix them up with other flowers like Tulips, Daffodils and create a vibrant flower bed. Like other spring flowers, Hyacinth requires a full sun and water every two to three days. Watch out if you are overwatering by checking the soil.


5.) Crocus: These dainty low growing colorful flowers are perfect to grow around your curb for that beautiful welcome. It comes in beautiful shades of purple, white, golden yellow and they prefer a partial sun with well-drained soil.

These are just a few of the many varieties that you can start planting in your spring garden. Start planting these beautiful blooms and watch your garden blast a rainbow of colors this season.









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