Make Small Space Gardening a breeze with these Tips

Small space gardening is mostly seen as having no hope for much creativity. Well, we can tell you that’s not true. Nothing that can stop you from gardening if you really want to garden and have the right tools!

If we use our limited space smartly, your little green space can be your own personal haven with all your favorite green friends right next to you.

Elevated Garden Bed

Let’s find out all we need to know to create our own oasis.

1.) Measure your space: It may make you think that, “why do I need to measure this tiny space?”. But measuring your designated garden space will give you the idea to figure out what plants can fit, which size planters can go through that space, whether you will have space to place any furniture (even a couple of chairs) to sit and enjoy.

2.) Find the right container planters: Having the right planters can make your garden pretty and life easy. Get planters that are easy to move around with wheels or have multiple pots in one planter that can create your mini garden in one small space rather than you having move them around one by one incase you are relocating or need your plants to get some more or less sun. Check out the Watex Planters that can help an urban garden with just the right planters. 

3.) What kind of garden do you want to create Whether it will be a kitchen garden, flower garden a mix of different plants. Whether you can tend to it regularly. Do you have enough time to spare for a big garden or just a couple of planters will do?

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4.) Does your patio or garden space have the right environment? Every garden space can have different environments with their own micro climates. Do you get enough sun or do you get too much sun? Do you not get sun at all or just for a few hours in the morning? If you get a lot of sun, you could choose from succulent family for design and easy maintenance or get herbs that love sun and will grow well and even give you fresh herbs for your culinary needs. You could also add color to your garden by adding flowers like Petunias, Zinnias, Daylily which loves full sun. For partial or no sun there are a lot of options as well like your green leafy vegetables spinach, chard and salad greens.

5.) We have shared about this particular topic many times before and we cannot stress enough on this and how important it is. Soil. Unlike plants that grow in ground, container gardens don’t have benefit of getting nutrients from the soil in the ground. It is crucial to pay attention to your soil for your plants. Which soil is good for what plants and hydrate your plants once the nutrition part is taken care of.

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 These are the basic rules which will help you start your own urban garden anywhere. A few do’s and don’ts’s below might help you further.

 1.) Try to fix a starter budget followed by a monthly or bi monthly budget depending on your plant needs.

 2.) Don’t just think of ground space, take your garden vertical and get a natural décor from your garden. It can also give you the

 3.) Grow plants your family enjoys or likes. You might be able to make it a family activity.

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