Nature’s Ways to Keep you Cool this Summer!

While we all like to enjoy summers and be out and about, we also need to be careful about the hydration and heat strokes. Especially with the heat wave going on around the country. California has been getting its fair share of heat waves and fires recently raising the temperatures higher. All things that are supposed to be green have turned brown and crisp with heat and no rains.

 With such weather, hydration and keeping cool is of much importance. Yes, we all love ice creams but that does not really help our body except the time we are gobbling it down! Let’s look at few herbs, flowers Et al that can help us actually keep cool and green in this weather.

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 1.) Organic Aloe Vera:Make this versatile plant your best friend for summers (for all seasons really). Aloe Vera is an essential tool in your skin and body care arsenal.

  • Relieves burned skin:So, you went to beach and got a little too much sun and now everything is red and burns. Apply Aloe Vera gel to the burned and any dehydrated parts of your body like a mask. The cooling properties of this beauty wonder not only cools your skin down and reduces burns but it moisturizes and helps hydrate the skin.You can even add it in your DIY face masks for that added glow and hydration. If you haven’t already planted it in your patio garden or backyard, this would be a good time to get one. An easy to care plant, even a brown thumb cannot kill this god send. Your nearby nursery experts can guide about the edible/skin safe Aloe Vera plants or the good old internet for online shopping. For instant need, you can find the Aloe Gels at all retail stores, online and in store.

    Tip:It helps in your everyday cooking burns or cuts and gives instant relief within minutes.

    • For Internal Use:As much as it takes care of your skin, it is a friend to your gut and dehydrated body equally. Use the gel from the plant to add in your smoothies or juices and its alkaline properties and high fiber content will work wonders in this heat. Also, a very good addition in your diet for those backed up days. Aloe helps reduce the inflammation in your gut lining and feed the good bacteria and keep your gut flora happy.

    Tip:Be careful and start small in case you are new to it and see how it reacts to your system.

    Psst- You might find the gel slimy but once you get past that, it’s all health and beauty heaven.

    Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera Benefits:Contains 75 different nutrients. Yes, you read that right. A chock block of Minerals and Vitamins. B12, Vitamin A, C, E, Salicylic Acid and Amino Acids to name a few.

    2.) Organic Mint:  This cooling herb can be used as more than just a breath freshener. The cooling and anti-inflammatory ability of this fresh herb helps in various ways.

    • Cooling health booster: Mint helps ease stomach upset or indigestion issues, nausea and cold-flu symptoms as well, apart from the cooling your system in the heat. Add a bunch of bruised mint leaves in a pitcher of water and let it sit for a couple of minutes till the oils from the leaves flow into the water. Add a lemon for that Vitamin C boost and lemony freshness and enjoy your lemon mint water. You can add honey for sweetness and boosting the antibacterial properties of this calming and healthy minty drink. You can make the same drink with hot water and sip it as tea for digestion or before bed for stress release.

    Make your salad sing with freshness with some mint leaves or add it in your smoothies for a boost of flavor.

    You can even use peppermint essential oil to dab on your temples to feel calm or add in humidifier to freshen up the air and breathe in to relieve the cold.

    Tip:Like Aloe Vera, Mint is also a very easy to grow and care for plant. Although, it’s better to grow it in a container as it spreads pretty much everywhere if grown with other plants in a garden.

    Mint Tea

    Mint Benefits:Peppermint contains a considerable amount of Vitamin A, which aids in healthy skin and immune system. While peppermint has Vitamin A, Spearmint has a dominant amount of Iron and a good amount of Manganese which helps in providing oxygen to brain cells and healthy brain function.

    3.) Organic Rose petals: As widely seen, Roses are mostly used to add beauty to a garden. But roses are more than just an ornamental plant.

    Cool your body: Rose petals not just help in diffusing the heat from your body but they also help in relieving stress. Rose tea can not only help in cooling down your body but also calming down your mind. Add some dried rose petals in a cup and pour hot water over it and let it sit covered for a few minutes before drinking.

    Rose infused water: Add rose petals to a pot of boiling water and let it boil for a while and then filter the petals using a sieve. Let the water cool down and drink whenever heat gets unbearable or whenever you feel like. Not only does it cool down your body but also your system and helps in relieving any sore throat and is a mood booster.

     Add them to your salad, smoothies or juice for a floral and flavorsome antioxidant boost.

     Skin benefits: Rose water acts as a natural toner for your skin and helps from the sun burns and inflammation. Apply Rose water on sun burned skin to cool it down and reduce redness and burns. Add rose petal to your oils or moisturizer for that dewy glow and reducing any acne scars. Applying Rose hip oil does not only heal skin but also acts as an anti-ageing natural remedy.

     Tip: Be mindful of the chemical pesticides sprayed on the roses before consuming or using on skin.

    Rose Water

    Roses Benefits: High in antioxidants, vitamin C and antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, mood booster, anti-depressant.

    Important: Before using or consuming any of the herbs or plants products, make sure it is organic and free of any chemicals sprayed on them. (one of the reasons, home grown herbs and plants are best for personal use and consumption.)

    While there are tons of other cooling herbs and vegetables that can be added to this list, these three seemed to be winning my heart with its multiple uses and benefits. Enjoy summers and stay healthy and cool with these natural wonders.

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