Grow Vertical- Enjoy Small Space Gardening!

Gardens have the ability to make any place, lively and refreshing. Be it your homes, restaurants, malls or nowadays, even airports. There is greenery incorporated everywhere to give the place a naturally fresh feel rather than placing mannequins and concrete facades. Owing to this, Vertical Gardens have become the most effective and desired way of adding nature into any ambience.

 Vertical Gardens have made a comeback from olden times of the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Although they fell out of trend previously but this urban favorite way of gardening has become a mainstay in the small space solutions for the Urban Gardener.

 Apart from looking pretty, vertical gardens have many more benefits.

 1.) Space Saving: One of the most appreciated and beneficial use of having a vertical garden is for those who don’t have enough space to garden. They are apt for small spaces like apartments, patios, small yards or rooftop gardens and can be placed on fences, trellis or a freestanding structure as well.

 2.) Easier to grow in cities: You don’t need to live in remote areas or suburbs if you don’t want to. Get your garden and city life in one place with the vertical garden. Get in touch with your inner gardener in the small space of your urban living.

Green Wall

 3.) Beauty: For some gardening might be to grow their own food but for others it is also about creating a beautiful green décor. With Vertical Gardening you can create a green wall and give that unsightly plain wall a pop of color and clean the air with the indoor plants. 

4.) Health benefits: Connecting with your inner gardener is not just beneficial for you but for your dear ones as well. Growing your own food creates a sense of responsibility towards the health of you and your family. Teaching the concept of growing your own food and eating what you grow, to your children will make them understand and connect with nature. Growing your garden is known to make you a happier person, help you de-stress as well and also help you bond with your family and surroundings.

 5.) Easy gardening for people with health issues: Vertical gardening is much friendlier for older gardeners who have trouble bending or lifting heavy pots due to health conditions. It is an easier way to grow, water and harvest their greens.

 With Organic food becoming the norm, vertical gardening is the perfect way to get your organic farm to table concept starting in your home. No more worries about small spaces. If you have the will, gardening is the way!

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