Why You Should have Your Own Garden!

Whether you have a huge backyard garden or a single plant you call your green space, having your garden is beneficial for health as well as environment.

Buying food from your local farmers or local markets is a great step towards making an impact in the environment but what if you grow your own food? Let’s look at a few reasons why growing your own food is taking your health and environmental impact to the next level.

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1.) No more miles added to your produce: As much “fresh” and “organic” you might think your food is getting from the best markets, it will always pale in front of your home-grown vegetables. Not to forget the reducing the carbon footprint to a great level on your part.  Your food travels an average distance of 1500 miles before you consume it. So there goes your freshness as well the energy consumed in getting that food to your doorstep. So get fresh produce from your backyard and cook it witin an hour of plucking or a day and no more fuel getting used to get it from your garden to your kitchen.

 2.) No more pesticides or GMO’s in your food: Even if you get your vegetables and fruits from the best of places, you don’t know the list of pesticides or fertilizers that have been approved by the authorities. Also, not everyone can afford to spend their hard-earned money in these fancy stores and why should one when you can grow your own with less than half the price and fresher without any chemicals. Growing your own food is much easier once you start doing it.

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3.) Get a good dose of exercise in nature: Gardening doesn’t just give you fresh vegetables but it comes with some bending, lifting, cutting, pruning and cleaning with some Vitamin D as well. A great way to get some physical activity in fresh air and sun. It has been proven that being out in your garden doing physical activity involved in gardening is beneficial for mental as well as physical health.

4.) Save those dollars: Growing your own vegetables is always lighter on your pocket than buying it from the market. Rather than spending double in the supermarket, just spend half on the seeds and soil and within a few weeks have your own kitchen garden thriving with fresh produce.

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5.) Make it a family bonding time with kids: Not just for adults, involving kids into this activity gives them a chance to know and understand where their food comes from and gives you a chance to bond with your kids rather than them sitting on their phones or tv or chatting with their friends. Also, teaching them young gives them appreciation for food and kids tend to eat better when they grow their own food.

All in all, the pros of growing your own food are any day much higher than buying them from the market. Benefits not just include getting fresh produce but also to your health and family. So start growing and enjoy the benefits of having your own garden.



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