What to Grow in your Summer Garden this Summer!

Time to say adieu to Spring! We will officially be in Summer season come Sunday, which means it will be time to switch gears in the garden as well. With longer days and warmer temperatures, some of the spring veggies will take a backseat like Spinach, Cauliflower, Broccoli as they prefer cooler temps but it's time for some lovely summer vegetables to thrive. Let’s look at what you can grow in your summer garden and a few tips while we are at it. Always good to have a list and decide.

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  • Tomatoes: Always topping our list! We love some home grown tomatoes as nothing comes close to those fresh juicy tomatoes that are grown in your backyard. Tomatoes love high temperatures and thrive really well. Perfect for salads, some cold soups, juices, smoothies. They come out really well with a little char on them as well. Maybe make some good old Caprese salad. Remember that tomatoes need full sun,regular watering, good fertilizer and healthy soil to thrive. Although they are easy to grow, they do need good care and safety from those little garden pests. They also need trailing or a support when they start growing vines.
  • Cucumbers: The lovely summer additions in your garden. These crunchy delights are perfect for snacking, making flavored water, additions in salads, smoothies or pickling. The high water content of around 96%, which makes them the vegetable with highest water content in any food, cucumbers are low in calories, cooling and full fibre and vitamins like potassium, Vitamin c, Vitamin A. Plant needs regular watering for it to grow and not turn bitter. Also regular harvesting gives more fruit.
  • Peppers: We might want a little respite from high temperatures but we love some heat in our food. Although there are so many varieties that it is not just the hot peppers that can flavor the dish. The crunchy peppers can just be a healthy snack depending on their taste. Peppers enjoy a sunny area and well drained soil. 
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  • Berries: We know they are not a vegetable but hey who can say no to berries. After all they do take their rightful place in salads and smoothies and snacking. Find out what works according to your space. You can also grow dwarf varieties if you have limited space or are growing in a container. Full sun and regularly watering the plants for a good growth and keep an eye for birds or other garden nibblers,once the fruit starts to ripen. Maybe bird netting would help. 
  • Corn: Another summer favorite treat at BBQs, Corn grows pretty fast and will need fertilizer and lots of water for plump kernels. You can grow them in your garden beds in a limited space as well. Harvest when you want to use them for a fresh flavor or freeze them for off season. 
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These are just a few of our favorites to start your summer vegetables but the list doesn't end. You can grow beans, melons, squash, Okra, Eggplant, Peas as well. 

The taste and joy of growing and eating home grown vegetables or fruits is incomparable. Once you start growing your own food, the taste and freshness of store bought food pales. No surprises that gardening is a truly rewarding and addictive hobby. 

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