Benefits Of Gardening for Kids

Remember the times, when the idea of fun for kids was to go out and play and not sit and fiddle with the gadgets. We all know how good it is for us to go out and breathe fresh air. Do you also know that gardening is not just an adult activity and how beneficial can be it be for your child’s development? Let’s look at a few benefits gardening gets them.

Gardening With Kids


1.) Mud= immunity Boost: Yes. The muddy hands and feet are good. Gardening can get those nails dirty when you are planting seeds or taking out the weeds. The good news is that dirt is healthy for your kids. The microbes present in the dirt in your garden help your kid build immunity and helps them stay away from allergies and problems like asthma.

 2.) Gets them outdoors: when kids are outside playing with mud or planting flowers or vegetables in the garden, they are happy, stress free and busy. That anger of getting bored and getting glued to the screen, the crankiness gets dissolved into nature when they are curious and busy looking at the new sapling that grew.

Gardening activity

3.) Aids in growth and muscle developments: I am sure everyone knows, gardening is an exercise. The bending, lifting, racking, pushing and many more movements that our body goes through during gardening helps work on those muscles of all the parts of your body which helps in healthy development of your growing kids. Dirty kids are more active as they will run, climb, jump through the garden much more than they would indoors. 

healthy Kids

4.) Gets them to eat healthy: Imagine growing something in your garden and then getting to eat it. Exciting! Isn’t it? Kids tend to be more willing to eat the vegetables they grow. Knowing where the food came from and that they helped it grow is exciting as well as making them understand and connect with nature.

5.) Builds confidence and teaches responsibility: Seeing something you planted take shape and grow into a plant can be a boost to your confidence. It helps the kid feel accomplished and positive in taking initiative in other tasks. Also, taking care of a plant and watering it, seeing grow creates a sense of responsibility. They know that, if they don’t take care of this plant, it will die. Working hard on something and nourishing it makes kids responsible for their actions.

 Gardening with Kids

6.) Family bonding activity: This is one of the most beautiful ways to bond with nature as well as your family. Planting seeds in spring as a tradition or creating chores for each member of the family in the garden and working as a team fosters family bonding and love. Deciding on what vegetables, fruits or flowers to grow or teaching them about seasonal plants or names of flowers increases communication and understanding.

No space to garden at home? No worries. There is no need to have a full-size garden at your home for you to get your kids involved in gardening. Check out our small space gardening planters, which are ideal for kids and adults alike. A small patio garden, a couple of planters in your apartment, community parks; the options are many. Get your kids out in the garden and help them grow into smart and healthy humans. 

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