Planters you need for your Spring Garden

Spring is almost here! All that pent-up energy in the dormant winter months, will finally have a way out and your garden is ready to get all activity as well. While the preps are in full gear and you are deciding on the new planters to add to your collection, we want to share with you the versatile Watex planters that will make your gardening easy, fun and your space prettier. 

  • Indoor Garden Bed: This new addition in the Watex family has been a perfect urban gardening planters. You can grow indoor or outdoors without worrying about the leaks, mess and grow all your favorite veggies without worrying about space. Ideal for your small patios as well as big backyards.
Garden Bed
  • Mobile Green Wall: The old favorite of all and for good reason. The vertical garden with multiple pots has been on top spot of customer favorites for years now. The benefits of this mobile garden are countless. Move around to your favorite spot to get some extra sun and can grow your favorites. From 11 pots to 18 pots, you can grow flowers, herbs, veggies, and anything. 
Mobile Green Wall
  • Elevated Mobile Garden: If the top two did not get your attention, this big boy will certainly do. You get  the best traits of two in this versatile garden friend.Enjoy the garden bed on wheels. No bending and no lifting. Ideal for urban spaces and the deep bed gives you the benefit of growing root veggies, greens, herbs and anything else you want to grow. Roll it around indoors or keep it outdoors. 
Elevated Planter
  • Traveling Sprinkler: For your big lawns waiting to get watered, this little tractor will help you keep your backs straight. This traveling sprinkler has been loved forever for its ease and efficiency to water the garden without missing a dry patch. This little guy will do all the hard work while you can sit back and enjoy the spring beauty. 
Traveling Sprinkler
  • Urban Design Vertical Garden Kit: Whether you don’t have ground space or you want your wall decked up, this living wall will do it for you. The best part of it? It comes with multiple size pots in one planter. So you can start herbs or flowers in small pots, salad greens in medium pots and veggies in large pots or just make it a decor piece with beautiful succulents. 
Urban Design Vertical Garden Kit

These are just a few to get you going for the Spring season, there are more options for you to choose from in our collection. We think these will give any gardener the ease and a head start to get into the gardening mode. 

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