Breathe Allergy Free with these Indoor Plants

Most of us tend to spend our average amount of time everyday indoors, thanks to our weekday routine of home- office- home. With spending so much time in a closed environment, we need to be aware of the quality of air that we breathe. Is it clean? Is it fresh? Is there enough circulation? Especially when you have allergies. Breathing fresh clean air is the most basic healthy thing you can do for your body and yourself. While we cannot quit working, adding some indoor plants can help in purifying the air to a large extent.

 As we know, that not all the plants are meant for indoor use. Below is a list that can help you in finding out what suits best for your environment.

1.) Peace Lily: Indoor air pollution is mainly caused by the chemicals that linger in the air from the man-made materials. Namely Benzene or Trichloroethylene, which come from detergents, paint, gasoline, furniture and many such everyday things we come in contact with. Peace lily removes these two chemicals from the air along with any alcohol, formaldehyde, acetone as well. This beautiful plant works well in reducing mold by absorbing mold spores and using it as food. All these pollutants are absorbed by the leaves and sent to the roots, eventually getting absorbed and broken down by bacteria in the soil.

Peace Lily

 One important thing to note is that even though Peace Lily is amazing at cleaning out the air, it is toxic to pets and humans, so one has to be careful while keeping it in your home, especially if you have pets and babies in your house.

2.) Boston Fern: This pretty looking plant doesn’t just help in the improving the aesthetic beauty of your home but is highly rated to remove toxins in the air like Toluene, Xylene and mainly formaldehyde which are found in our everyday household items and can cause irritation in our respiratory tract and eyes and many more health issues. Boston Fern is also good at adding moisture to the air, thereby making it pure and fresh along with removing the air pollutants.  

Boston Fern

3.) Sansevieria Trifasciata Zeylanica or Snake Plant: Also known as Mother in Law’s Tongue, this plant filters formaldehyde, xylene, benzene and few other polluntants in the air. But one the primary benefits about this plant is that you can place it in your bedroom. Why? Because this pretty green friend of yours releases oxygen at night as well. So, wake up fresh with the added boost of oxygen and air free of chemicals. It grows well in low light and is easy to care for plant which makes it perfect for indoors as well.

 4.) Areca Palm: This beautiful feathery palm is a beautiful addition to your indoor spaces while cleaning the indoor air and providing moisture in the air as well. Areca Palm removes acetone, xylene, carbon monoxide and Toluene from the air.

Aloe Vera

5.) Aloe Vera: One of the most forgiving indoor plants, Aloe Vera is a perfect starter for beginners. Along with improving air quality by removing toxic chemicals like Benzene and Formaldehyde, this succulent variety also is a healer for burns and cuts. It does not need much watering and is perfect for those forgetful owners and does well in low light as well. Not to forget, it emits oxygen at night as well.

Although, all the plants mentioned above are the best to improve air quality, they might be toxic to your pet or humans. To find indoor plants that are safe for indoors and your pets, you can refer to the previous blog.

 All these plants not only make your home look pretty but also clear your home of allergens and toxins. So, start adding some green to your home and live healthy.




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