The Benefits of Gardening for Older People

Whenever we think of benefits of gardening, the first thought that comes through in our mind is the produce that we can grow or the beauty it lends to our home and garden.

Gardening is not just a way to keep busy or eat healthy, it is a therapeutic activity for all ages, especially our seniors. Gardening has many benefits for older people and not just physical but psychological as well.

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1.) Increased Serotonin level and improved immune system:  Getting your hands dirty in mud is not as bad as you would think. Studies have shown that a harmless bacterium called Mycobacterium vaccae found in the soil is the reason for the boost in Serotonin levels which helps in alleviating stress, reducing depression and anxiety and regulate mood and social behavior. Not only that, these friendly bacteria, are also known for reducing symptoms of allergies and Asthma. So, keeping your hands dirty will in fact turn that frown upside down.

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2.) Boost in blood flow: The amount of physical activity involved in gardening can get anyone’s blood pumping to a certain level. This circulation of blood flow helps the older generation from getting dementia as this activity helps by boosting oxygen in the blood and giving a boost to the heart rate, which in turn helps the blood flow to all the vital body parts which includes brain. Also, gardening requires many functions from one’s body like being handy, bending, lifting things etc. By doing all these things even for a short amount of time, they can improve their motor skills as well as strength.  

3.) Socially active: Gardening can help seniors in being socially active and meet with peers and enjoy the benefits of nature. Meeting like-minded people of the same age can help in reducing anxiety and loneliness while getting some much-needed Vitamin D.

It’s important for our senior generation to stay active and keep busy with fun hobbies and activities. While there are other activities that they can be a part of as well, Gardening seems to be a much rewarding one in health and otherwise. While there may be limitations to this rewarding hobby for some seniors, one can do something as simple as watering the plants or just by spending some time in the midst of greenery to start with.




  • Posted by Rose Clark on

    Great article. I definitely think that gardening is a great pastime for seniors. I also read in an article by Seasons Retirement that it can help improve mental health and cognitive function since gardening encourages active thinking and problem-solving skills. This mental activity can also help them prevent or manage mental illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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