Steps to a Beautiful Patio Garden

Don’t have a yard? No problem! You can grow most of your favorite greens in that small patio space as well. There are only a few things more satisfying than having your garden, be it as small or large. With today’s space crunch in our urban lives this can be a deterrent to creating our green space. With a few important steps you can start your mini garden in your patio and enjoy your yields in no time.

Garden Bed

1.) Sunlight: Before planting your garden, you need to find out whether your patio gets enough light for your plants to grow. If your patio is getting at least six hours of sunlight in a day, then it’s getting full sun for the plants and is perfect amount of light for growing various plants. However, if it’s getting half of that amount like three to four hours of sun then it’s called partial sun which is still suitable for a lot of plants which need lesser sun. Once you calculate the amount of sun your patio is getting, we can move on the next step. 

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2.) What to grow: Once you know how much light your garden space is getting, you can start selecting the plants that will grow well in that environment. Most of the plants or seed packets come with the instructions and the amount of sunlight they require. You can also check with your garden center experts. Alternately, you can also make a list of plants that you would like to grow and check out their sunlight needs on internet along with the season they grow best in. You have to keep in mind the weather along with the sunlight as well. Every plant has its own growing and blooming season. Find out whether you want to grow an annual plant along with the seasonal herbs and flowers or just grow succulents if you are a novice gardener.

Living Wall

3.) Grow Vertical: Having a garden in apartment patio is certainly not impossible if you plan it smartly. Get creative and solve the space problem by going vertical rather than horizontal. Growing your garden vertically has multiple benefits.

Get a green wall and start creating your herb, veggie or flower garden in no time and give your wall and space a green decor for the season. 

  • Creative use of patio walls without eating up your seating space.
  • Easy access to all the plants for watering and tending and no more bending.
  • Makes for a pretty wall décor and can also act as a privacy screen.
  • Keeps off the ground and away from pets and kids.
  • Create a micro climate by insulating the area from heat, pollution and improving the air quality and temperature.

4.) Fertilizer: Now that you have decided on the kind of plants you want to grow and the location, the job does not get over. Gardening is an ongoing rewarding process. Just like us, plants need their nourishment as well. Fertilizers help in growing and keeping the plants strong with all the nutrients that might not be in the soil. You do not need to go out and buy the fertilizers because most of it is available in your kitchen and pantry. For a detailed information on the organic fertilizers which won’t burn your pocket, check out our previous blog on same.

These are essentially the main rules that you need to follow to start a patio garden. Rest all you need to do is take care of your plant babies and learn along the way about their caring and watering needs. The joy of seeing your plants grow and bloom is like none other and a perfect end to a stressful day is to relax in your own green oasis.

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