Succulents for your Indoors

Getting plants when you don’t have enough light in your home, might become a challenge and may not be as beneficial for your plants as well. Well, we have a solution for you if you like succulents but are afraid that low light might kill it. Below is a list of some varieties which are happy in low light conditions.

 Snake Plant

1.) Snake Plant: Also Known as Sansevieria Trifasciata Zeylanic or Mother-in-law’s tongue is not only easy to care for but also survives on low light and little water. Another reason why this West African Native plant should be in your home is because of its properties of removing toxins from the air and reducing indoor air pollution.

 2.) Burro’s tail: Native to New Mexico, this beautiful succulent can be propagated easily and tolerates any kind of soil and a good drainage. Also known as Donkey’s tail or Sedum morganianum, this trailing succulent adapts to low light conditions easily. Although one thing to remember is that its leaves fall off easily, so try to place it in a low traffic zone or at a distance from people to avoid getting brushed.

Burro's Tail

 3.) Aloe Vera: This is probably a succulent that doesn’t even need any introduction. One of the most known and famous for its healing properties, this succulent doesn’t even need you to have a green thumb. Just water once a week and any little light, natural or office will be enough for this one. Even if you forget to water it once a week, you don’t have to worry. This hardy and hard to kill healer can be placed anywhere in the house and is capable to tolerate your neglect. And not to forget, Aloe Vera also releases oxygen at night, promoting healthy sleep.

 4.) Haworthia: These cute little dwarf succulents are a native to South Africa and look a little similar to their buddy Aloe Vera. They do well in low light and are not a fan of full sun or intense heat which makes it ideal for indoors. These little beauties grow in the shape of small rosettes depending of the species. They have thick roots and most species have thick, fleshy leaves and are dark green in color.


5.) Hoya: These beautiful vine-like succulents are a native to Southern India and Australia and are famous for this heart shape leaves. So if you want something like a hanging plant that flows down, in your home, this is it. They do not need direct sunlight and need to be saved from intense heat and frost.

 6.) Schlumbergera: Last in our list is this beautiful native from tropical rainforests of Brazil. They might come across different from their other succulent cousins in appearance and seen mostly around Christmas and Thanksgiving and have become a famous gift and a popular houseplant because of the beautiful flowers they produce. Unlike other succulents, this one like humidity but again will not tolerate intense heat or frost. Also, it does not like full sun and hence makes great indoor plants.


Now that you have all these options to green up your indoors, get growing! Succulents are easiest plants to grow and even if you are a beginner, these lovely beauties will help you ease into the beautiful world of plants and flowers.  

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