How to Beat the Heat in your Garden

Even though plants love sunshine, the soaring temperatures around the country recently have been hard on them. Like us, plants need some extra care during this harsh weather as well.

Extreme heat can have an impact on the plants. They can wilt, burn and die from too much heat. Do you know, how to take care of your plant babies during this extreme weather? A few easy steps and you can make sure that your plants don’t die and you don’t lose your harvest as well.

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1.) Water: The most common but most important factor in keeping your plants alive and well is irrigation. A heat wave can make your garden soil dry which in turn can dehydrate your plants and roots. Ideally plants should be watered in the early hours of the morning before the sun shines in your garden. This helps the plants absorb most the water before the sun evaporates any with heat. If you are not able to water in the morning hours, the next best time is to water them in the early evening hours when the temperatures cool down. You might feel the need to water a lot but control that urge to overwater and kill your plants from root rot. You may not realize it but even in this extreme heat, your plants can get damaged with overwatering.

Having a drip irrigation system or soaker hose can ensure a thorough and deep watering to your plants without overwatering them. But if you don’t have that, manual watering is just as good. Just do it in the cooler hours of the day.

Soaker Hose

The soaker hose helps water the soil deeply helping the plants retain moisture

2.) Mulch: Now that you have watered your garden, let’s see how your plants can hold that water for a longer time. Adding mulch on top of the soil does not just keep your soil moisture intact for longer periods but also discourages weeds. The right plants are getting watered. A reflective mulch is good to use like dried grass clippings but you can use whatever you can like wood shaving, cardboard, leaves. Lay a thick layer of it and your plants will thank you. 

Check out this detailed information on mulching from our friends at AK home Show

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3.) Get some shade: Just like us, even plants need to get some respite from that scorching sun at times. The extreme heat can cause your plants to burn and stop flowering as well. To keep your harvest blooms going, give them some shade during the hottest part of the day. Put a patio umbrella or a fabric to cover them with the help of a wire or a trellis. Alternately if you have container plants, you can just move them to the shaded part.

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4.) Shade the new transplants: Extreme weather is hard on all the plants but it gets harder for the transplants. The young plant tried to set roots and it is still shallow and is more prone to dry out due to the extreme sun. In ideal situations, one should wait for the heatwave to pass and then transplant but for some reason if it has happened, then make sure your young plant babies are in the shadow of your mature plants, so they don’t get a direct impact of the heat. This way they do get enough sun needed for their growth but at the same time are in partial shade to keep them from drying out.

These are just a few basic but primary tips to keep your garden going through this scorching summer. Remember to keep yourself hydrated as well and not just your garden and vice versa.



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