How to Keep your Garden Happy while on Vacation


Having a garden is like taking care of your children. A lot of sweat and care goes into those green babies. So it’s only natural to feel worried about their care, when you are off for a vacation.

Below are some of the ways to prep your garden before you head to your vacation so that you can enjoy worry free.

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1.) Clean up your garden: One of the important and primary steps for garden care while on vacation is to clear your garden of all the mess. Weed out your garden, clear all the yellow leaves, clip all the seeds bolting if any. This helps in getting the water directly to your plants and not anything extra growing in your garden.

 Also, tie up any growing plants that need support and are delicate to handle any wind. You can group your delicate plants and place them in a greenhouse to keep them safe from any extreme weather.

 Harvest as much as you can before you leave for your vacation. You don’t want to come back to overripe or rotten fruits and veggies. Keep them in the fridge or freezer and you have a bounty full to come back home to. If you think it won’t survive till you come back, then just be a good friend and neighbor and share it.

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 2.) Scan for any bugs or pests in your plants: You don’t want to see your hard work eaten away or spoilt by those pesky critters in the garden. Looks for any aphids, worms or any kind of rot and spray some natural pesticide like neem spray or homemade pesticides to keep your plants safe while you are away.

 3.) Keep them hydrated: Water your plants as late as possible before you leave. After everything is watered, spread mulch around your plants to keep the soil damp for as long as possible. Apart from that you can place your container plants in a tray of water so they keep getting a slow and steady supply of water. Another option that works is the self-watering jugs and you can make them at home. Just poke tiny holes in the soda bottles and bury one side near your plants and fill them with water before you leave. You can also, try the wicking system- Take a thick wick like material and a container that holds enough water. Place one end of the wick in the deep end of the water container and other end into the soil. The moisture from the water will travel through the wick to your plants slowly and keep them watered.

 If all this feels complicated or you want a much better watering system, you can for drip irrigation system that are available in the market with the timer system.

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 4.) Find a garden friend: If you are going for a long vacation where you feel this watering system will not be sufficient. Ask a friend or a neighbor to water your garden. Before you assign this duty to them, just show them around your garden once to help them while you are away.

 Group the plants with the same watering needs together in one area and place a note near it so your friend knows.

 Keep all the necessary tools in one place. (Watering cans, pipes and any garden tools, he/she may need in your absence).

 Let them know to feel free to help themselves to the garden harvest. This does not only keeps your friend happy but also gives your garden a good clipping for better fruiting ahead.

Don’t expect the same amount of effort you put will be put in by your neighbor friend. Be thankful and happy that your garden was taken care of at least (even if a little).









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