Bees - Why are they so important for Us?

Last week someone burned beehives in Texas and killed more than half a million bees. Such kind of acts are not just inhuman but truly are a loss to our planet and us. Many people are still ignorant or don’t know much about the important of bees.

So today we want to share some info on these little hardworking creatures that literally support the life balance of our eco system in so many ways.

1.) Pollination: This is mostly known fact to everyone (unless you are living under a rock), that bees are one of the main reasons of pollination in our environment.

Pollination, out simply is when the pollen from the male part of the flower is transferred to the female part of the flower, which then helps form a seed or fruit etc.

Green Wall

Lot of plants rely on these hardworking creatures for this process like Broccoli, Blueberries, Asparagus, Cucumbers, Pumpkins, almonds, apples and the list is pretty long. If bees wouldn’t exist half of your grocery isle would be empty.

It is not just for our food, if these little buzzing beauties won’t exist, you won’t have half of those scenic flower laden landscapes to visit.

Don’t forget the sweet nectar that is full of antioxidant and multiple health benefits that everyone loves and is used in so many medicinal purposes as well. No more of that sweet honey.

2.) Animals need them: Not just for humans but bees are crucial for our animal category as well. So many birds and animals rely on the fruits like berries, seeds, fruits and nuts which needs to be pollinated by the bees.

Also, cows eat alfalfa which is pollinated by bees. So it’s not just us but our whole eco system that is dependent on them.

3.) So do the Trees: Not all but many trees get pollinated by bees which in turn helps the wildlife and landscapes and of course the much needed oxygen.

4.) Economy: Over time the consumption of food has only grown with the growing population and demand, which in turn has boosted production for farmers. Bees play a crucial role in the production of most of these crops and is an important source of income for farmers.

These are some of the prime reasons why bees are crucial to the existence of the healthy eco system and for our own growth. It’s absence or presence tells us a lot about the quality of our eco system and environment. The dwindling populations of these hard workers is already a cause of concern around the world and then the cruel thoughtless acts like these are adding to our downfall.

Next time you see a bee, don’t try to kill, just let her be and let her do her own thing and watch these wonders of nature working tirelessly and giving you free service and thank them.

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