Plant Decor Inspiration

In this article, we would like to go through some of the amazing benefits of having plants and hope to inspire you with some beautiful plant designs. 

We love this decor since the colors really complement each other. The wooden color ceiling with the white walls really accentuates the green plants. The plants near the window are the ones that love the sunlight the most and the rest are placed all around the room to give the whole room a nature-like atmosphere. Rooms like this during the night look amazing with warm colored lights and we highly recommend any floor or ceiling lamps that are warm colored. 

Aside from the amazing plant decor and the fun of designing your own room, there are several benefits of having plants in your home. 

Reduce stress: Having plants can boost your emotional health and even alleviate anxiety and stress. There are studies that show people have reduced anxiety and stress when they are closer to nature. Also, caring for plants helps you take care of yourself as it relieves tension and makes you feel calm and happy. Caring plants and helping them grow gives us a purpose as well, which gives a very fulfilling feeling. 

Increase productivity and creativity: Having plants has been used to increase the positivity and creativity at work places. Since, most of us work at home, it would be great to add some plants to your home office to boost productivity and keep you relaxed. 

A more vibrant and lively room: Having plants at home can be aesthetic to the eye. While having a bouquet of flowers can bring a pop of color as well, a big green plant to give that dull room a bit more color. 

Improve air quality: We all know plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. This simple process of nature gives us that boost of fresh air which improves the air quality and reduces the indoor pollution. 




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