Plants and mental health

Thinking of all the plants out there, there are a variety of plants that help us heal physically from aloe plants to lavender. They are natural healing plants that can be used for skin problems, burns, hair health, and so much more. Very little do we think about its association with mental health. However, there are several studies that show how plants can improve our overall mental health. Researchers in the UK found that people who live around nature feel much happier than those that don't. This isn't just about those who live in the countryside either. Just looking at the greenery in the home will help.

This is very crucial especially during times of quarantine. For those who live in the suburbs or urban cities are feeling lonely or stressed out from staying at home for months at a time. Of course, there are people that go out hiking or going out, however we are spending the majority of the time in our own homes now. Having luscious and vibrant colors from the flowers or plants will really change the atmosphere in your home. It creates a sense of calm and relaxing feeling of nature right in your own home. 

Plant benefits 

And then there is the air quality benefit. Plants release oxygen into the air and take up the carbon dioxide. When you have them in the home, your home's air is naturally more beneficial for you. Of course, more oxygen means your body works more effectively. Your brain feels less fatigued and cloudy, meaning all the connections are improved. You release the right types of hormones, helping to support your mental health.

For those feeling depressed or having anxiety, you want to get some plants in the home. Look for ones that work to your advantage. If you don't feel you have enough time to take care of them, then there are always options to find plants that are easy to take care of. Or perhaps planters that have a self-watering system.  If you love the idea of looking for something, you can opt for flowers and plants that take a little more work.

Lastly, having plants will give a scent that will provide a more relaxing atmosphere in your place. It really depends on the plant or flowers, but nonetheless having any plants will definitely change the scent in a room. 

We hope that you that you learned something from this and consider getting some plants!



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