Re-grow food from Kitchen Scraps

Every gardener knows the joy one gets from growing your own greens. And when you grow it from your leftover kitchen scraps, it becomes even more fun. One you get to use the precious leftover items that were probably going in the trash. Second, you will feel good by reducing waste on the planet and becoming a more sustainable gardener. 

Food is expensive, especially organic food. Then why not grow them at home when we can do it so easily, without even buying seeds? Let’s see which veggies are easy to grow and you won’t need to add them in your grocery list after a few visits. 

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  • Potatoes: Oh the humble potato. It is an important part of every household we believe. From fries to mash to stew to soups this versatile yummy goodness finds its way into every kitchen. Hence, this tops the list for us to regrow. (Also, we love fries! :P) All you need is to find the eyes on the potato at your home-  those indents where they start sprouting. Take those scraps with eyes and dry them overnight and next day plant them 4 inches deep in the soil- eyes facing up. You will see seedlings in a few weeks.
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  • Lettuce: Wouldn't it be so good to just cut a few lettuce leaves and add them in your salad or sandwich, right from your garden? Just place the leftover leaves or lettuce head in a bowl of water and place it in the sunlight. After a few days you will see new roots growing alongside the leaves. At this time, you can transfer it in the soil.
  • Tomatoes: This one although not the same as the ones above, it still is a very rewarding one. Use the seeds of your favorite tomatoes to grow them at home. Just wash and dry them properly. Once dried, place them in the seed starting tray and water them soil and place it in the warm place till you notice it sprouting. You can transfer the seedlings to a pot gently after a few days. 

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  • Peppers: A challenging one but oh so generously rewarding and easy maintenance plant. You can simply use the seeds from any pepper and plant them in the soil to germinate. If the germination is successful ( which sometimes is tricky with this one), transfer them to a pot and place in direct sunlight and get ready for pepper crop in 3 to 4  months if it's warm weather. 
  • Garlic: An important condiment for most homes and an easy to grow plant. Simply place a garlic clove in the soil with flat end down minimum two inches deep. Place it in sunlight and you will see shoots coming out soon. 

 We suggest using organic vegetables to grow any of your plants since they are not sprayed with pesticide, which is a deterrent for growing new plants. 

These are just a few from the list of vegetables you can start this exciting new sustainable way of growing. You can also grow basil, celery, ginger, rosemary to name a few more. Is it worth it? Yes, totally! The joy of growing your own fresh veggies and that too without spending extra on any plants using the food you are eating. You are on your way to be a responsible citizen to this planet. Plus, organic vegetables can get expensive, so why not grow your own greens and get them fresh from your garden and enjoy! 

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