Five Famous Living Walls Around the World

We have talked about Green Walls or Living Walls many times before and confessed our undying love for the vertical beauty and how it has created waves in the décor industry. Green Walls have not just adorned the walls of gardeners or home owners in their gardens or indoor spaces. In a time when urbanization has created concrete jungles everywhere around us, the rise of living walls as décor has taken a prominence in commercial sectors as well.

We thought of checking out these beautiful amalgamations of a few world-famous green architectures in the commercial space.

Green Wall Madrid

1.) Caixa Forum: Standing tall at 24 meters this beautiful piece of art is next to the art gallery, in the middle of the city in Madrid. This living wall designed by artist Patrick Blanc has 15,000 plants of over 200 species and is open to public to touch and feel and enjoy this green décor in the urban setting.

Green Wall Paris

 2.) Musée du Quai Branly (París) : Located next to the Eiffel Tower this museum is adorned with beautiful art not just inside but on the outside as well. The beautiful Green Wall covering the walls of the building is designed by artist Patrick Blanc and has 15,000 plants of more than 150 species.

 Green Wall Sydney

3.) One Central Park, Sydney: No this is not a park similar to the one in New York. This is a beautiful installation of green façade on a residential and Retail towers. One of the famous building in Sydney where Urban Structures and Ecological living are in unison and giving its residents and shoppers a piece of nature in the urban setting. The award-winning building has been designed by artist Patrick Blanc and consists of 23 Green Walls encompassing 35,000 wall plants and 85,000 façade plants with over 350 different species mostly native to Australia.

 Green Wall Singapore

4.) Tree House, Singapore: Standing at 24 story tall with 429 units, Tree House is the World’s largest vertical garden in the world, according to the Guinness World Records. The building has been designed to reduce the carbon footprint by adding green features along with the green wall which will help them save approximately S $500,000 in water and energy savings per year.

5.) Centro Commerciale Fiordaliso - Rozzano Italy: The famous shopping center close to Milan has a vertical garden with 44, 000 types of mosses and plants. The whole project costed 1 million euros and was designed by Francesco Bollani.

A treat to the eyes, these green walls have garnered much of world's attention since they were installed. While we may not be able to or need such huge green walls in our homes, we can always give a nudge to our designer inside and create our own masterpieces for our spaces.  




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    I’ve seen plant walls in Madrid, Spain, Florence, Italy and Lund, Sweden. Painted walls in Lyon, France. Keep me updated.

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