Winter Garden Activities for Kids

Winters are approaching fast and soon the days will be shorter which means more time to spend indoors. It can get difficult for kids to find fun things to do indoors after a while. You can only make so many snowmen and enjoy the white beauty. It may be a while before we look at the summer sun but there are some gardening activities that can keep your young minds busy and enjoying this time of the year as well. 

  • Seeds: Watching seeds come to life into a tiny seedling is a joy no gardener can deny. Let your kids plant seeds into a glass jar and help them with the process of starting their garden from seeding. It will teach them about patience among many other things and the anticipation of watching the seeds sprout will keep them busy and excited. To make it enjoyable for them, grow their favorite flower or veggie/herbs so they look forward to growing it. 
Expandable Green Wall
  • Compost: This one is a win win in all departments. You get them to move the leaves, branches etc and place them in a pile.They get to have fun with it and mess around a little and you get your compost pile. Well that’s one part of it, they will also get to learn about the importance of it. So don’t forget to teach them about it, while they are helping you pick up the waste.
  • DIY Festive Decor: This is for the crafty ones. This might not be “in the garden” kinda work but it certainly involves things from the garden. You can get them to create your own wreath from the branches and add some store bought decor items and help them. They can make it all natural by using items lying around in the garden or at home. Help them showcase it on the door or hang it on one of the walls to boost their confidence.
  • Houseplants: We have always shared the importance of indoor plants and it is especially true for winters when we are indoors for a long time. Share this activity with your children by getting a few houseplants if you don’t have any or giving them a responsibility to take care of the ones that are there in the house. This will help them build confidence and make them responsible towards a living thing. Help them choose the plant, of course by guiding them towards the ones that are right for indoors and are survivors. Letting them choose will add their interest to keep them alive and responsible as well. 
  • Paint some garden decor: It's always good to get some more color in your garden and what better way to let these little minds get busy and creative. Give your children some garden rocks or the planters that can be painted on to let them enjoy some colorful days and help them place some garden decor pieces in the garden. Remember to use kids safe paints and preferably not spray paints. 

Whether you choose one of these activities or have something else up your sleeve, kids will always have fun doing something interesting than sitting around bored in the dull winters. And while they are at it, learning some new garden principles as well. 

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