Guide to growing your own Strawberries

If you’re thinking of growing fruits and don’t know what to start with then consider starting with strawberries as your first attempt. Strawberries can be grown in your own garden and they are quite easy to grow. If you follow our easy guide and tips, you can easily grow vibrant and delicious strawberries!

Before starting, no matter how you choose to grow strawberries, you need about 6 plants per individual to make the harvest worth the effort. 6 plants may seem like a lot however, you can easily pack a lot of plants into unique pots, hanging baskets, and containers to maximize the surface area of these plants. They don’t need much room for roots so as long as there is soil space in your garden, you can grow strawberries the smart way.

As you know strawberries have a bit of weight to it and the stems for these plants are not exactly strong or sturdy. It does not mean that the strawberries won’t come out healthy, but rather that’s just how the plant is. Since they do hang, hanging pots or vertical planters would be great for planting them. Here are a few products we suggest using for growing fruits or veggies, the modular raised bed and the vertical garden. 

And of course, growing strawberries in raised beds would be a great method as well. Since the raised beds are elevated, it gives room for the strawberries to just hang and not sit on the ground. These are just the suggested methods, however growing them on the ground is just fine as well. 

When to starting planting

Fall is right around the corner and right when it starts to cool down is the best time to start growing strawberries. These fruits can tolerate a cool climate and can be harvested during the cold season. Of course, you do want to expose the plants to some warm sun, so it is best advised to plant them right before it gets too cold which is right around fall or perhaps early spring. As mentioned before, these berries like the sun and need an adequate amount of exposure for it to grow. They need at least +6 hours of sun exposure to sweet berries and more sunlight the more berries it will grow. While the plants get plenty of sunlight, you’ll want to make sure to water them properly. Do not over water them. It is best to water about 1-1.5 inches a week. To keep the plants happy, add a nitrogen-rich, organic fertilizer. So, now you have the knowledge, go out there and plant your own strawberries!

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